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SET University

Проста ілюстрація, якв зображає ноутбук з написом SET на екрані
An innovative institution established in 2021, catering to technical professionals and emphasizing a hands-on learning approach.
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University’s goal

The aim of SET University is to create an inclusive platform where those eager to share technological knowledge and those seeking to acquire it can come together. The university's objective is to provide aspiring innovators with direct access to top-notch professionals and the latest technologies. Moreover, it strives to forge a strong connection between the educational process, scientific advancements, and the business sphere.

How the university works

Every year, SET initiates study programs in pertinent fields like cybersecurity, computer science, and innovative engineering, among others. Each master's program is officially licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, ensuring that, upon completion, students are conferred with a master's degree. Educational offerings also encompass micro-master's programs, designed as mid-term academic courses inspired by business school management programs, as well as short-term programs tailored for skill enhancement and swift entry into the tech industry.
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SET University operates on real business case studies, with graduation theses culminating in the creation of students' own startups. The university extends scholarship programs catering to military personnel, women, and adept professionals based on performance in the entrance examination.

SET's objective is to bolster the influence of the technology industry on Ukraine's economic and social development by imparting relevant knowledge to future IT professionals in the country. All course instructors are seasoned practitioners hailing from leading international technology firms.
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