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The Tokarev Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to advancing Ukraine's technological infrastructure and fostering equal educational opportunities in the field.

The founder of the foundation

An IT entrepreneur with 20 years of expertise in the technology sector, Serhiy Tokarev is the Co-Founder and General Partner of Roosh, a prominent Ukrainian AI/ML company that empowers visionary entrepreneurs to create, cultivate, and expand groundbreaking technologies. Within the Roosh ecosystem, there are several entities, including Roosh Ventures, Reface, and Zibra AI, strategically collaborating to nurture AI companies. Additionally, Serhiy oversees Gathers, the R&D company Neurons Lab, and AI HOUSE, Ukraine's largest AI community.
Throughout his career, Serhiy has successfully established over 30 businesses globally, spanning the fintech, gaming, and healthtech industries.

Serhiy's goal

Serhiy's main ambition is to elevate Ukraine as one of the foremost technologically advanced countries globally, placing significant emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This core mission steers Tokarev's business, investment, and educational pursuits.
His projects are specifically tailored to foster an environment conducive to nurturing specialists and advancing technologies within Ukraine. Additionally, the charitable initiatives of the Tokarev Foundation are aimed at establishing a strong professional groundwork for emerging talents. Amidst wartime challenges, the Foundation expanded its support to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine and various volunteer initiatives.
Presentation of the project "Science is She"

The goal of the Tokarev Foundation

The world is progressing swiftly, thanks to technological advancements in numerous fields. The foundation's core concept revolves around granting equal access to technological education and innovation opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or social status. Our aim is to foster an environment where individuals actively participate in shaping Ukraine's technological future. Concurrently, we're steadfast in our commitment to reclaiming our territories from adversaries. Therefore, we extend our support to organizations and initiatives that bring Ukraine closer to victory.

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