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Supporting Ukraine during the war

The Tokarev Foundation was established with the aim of advancing Ukraine's IT sector. Since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion, the foundation's team has been dedicated to accelerating victory: maintaining ongoing coverage of the war in the international media, gathering donations for military needs, and backing volunteer projects.

Supporting volunteers and the military

With the onset of the full-scale invasion, it became evident that focusing solely on raising substantial funds was not enough; smaller initiatives also needed the Tokarev Foundation's assistance. Therefore, we began supporting projects and organizations whose founders have personal ties with the foundation's management.
  • The Volunteers of Culture project, previously dedicated solely to cultural initiatives, shifted its focus to purchasing clothing, vehicles, ammunition for the military, and essential supplies for families affected by the war.
  • The charitable organization "Jet Mail," which has been providing artillery with spare parts, equipment, and crucial materials since 2014, now supports 14 units and has raised over $1.5 million in aid for our military.
  • Gen.Ukrainian, a non-governmental organization, specializes in helping children overcome trauma caused by the war.
  • We extended support to a significant fundraising campaign led by Monobank, UNITED24, and Come Back Alive to acquire FPV drones and ammunition. Additionally, we purchased an ambulance that is currently operating on the frontlines.
We assisted each of these projects with the resources available to us: finances, spreading information, leveraging our contacts and providing equipment and transportation. Presently, we’re still actively supporting these projects. You are welcome to join us in this endeavor.

City of Goodness

City of Goodness is an international support center catering to women and children facing challenging life circumstances. Founded in 2018 by Marta Levchenko, a philanthropist and the head of the I Am the Future of Ukraine Foundation, this project has expanded its scope since the outbreak of war.
Photo showing the building of "City of Goodness"
At present, the center offers shelter to women with children and the elderly who have been displaced by the hostilities, providing them with a safe place to stay. Furthermore, the complex has transformed into a sanctuary for children with disabilities from the Mykolaiv orphanage and kids from two Odesa orphanages.

The Foundation has funded the construction of a center in Chernivtsi, which will serve as a secure refuge for children and their parents.
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